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David Attenborough presents the incredible lyre bird, which imitates the phone calls of various other birds – as well as power saws and also video camera shutters – in this video clip from The Life of Birds. This smart creature is just one of one of the most impressive and amusing in nature, with amazing audios to match the beautiful pictures.

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    • +Hypatia
      yes it was. I visited a girlfriends friend in the Sherbrook forest area
      and they had had a baby and the bird mimicked that hicup bit when a very
      young babies crying excessively.

  1. what if this bird species could safely reprodeuce and live in cities, it
    will cause alot of trouble.

  2. Having studied linguistics, I’m utterly astonished by this animal’s ability
    to mimic mechanical sounds so well. I’d love to learn more about its vocal

    • The basic gist is that they use muscle contractions to squeeze air out of
      the air sac (like our lungs, theirs are different and spongy) through an
      enlarged part of the trachea called the syrinx. The syrinx has several
      kinds of membranes that can be stretched by smaller bundles of muscles
      inside and outside the airway. A bird like this probably has at least
      a half a dozen muscle groups inside the syrinx to help make subtle

      There’s some debate as to which membrane does how much. You can read up
      here for really gory details
      Goller, F. and O.N. Larsen (1997): A new mechanism of sound
      generation in songbirds. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,

      I’m studying for a test right now so I’ve got notes on hand. Hope this

    • Despott in most of the “nature films ” they are coming to the place with
      their own animals and film them in their natural environment. After that
      they bring them back home. so probably this bird lives with other birds in
      some kind of a zoo or place where they take care od them. (sorry for my

    • Why? Because you know nothing about the forestry industry? You just assume
      it’s all about cut-cut-cut, don’t you?

      Planting trees doesn’t make a sound.

  3. If you ever get bitten by a radioactive lyrebird, you can probably expect a
    Top 40 pop career while moonlighting as a masked vigilante fighting crime
    with the power of voice.

  4. Unfortunately, despite mimicking Kookaburra speech perfectly, the lyrebird
    doesn’t actually speak the language, and is unaware that he is shouting
    racial slurs.

  5. For the love of bacon, someone has to go to the Adelaide Zoo and
    continually play a loop of the Final Fantasy victory fanfare until their
    lyrebird catches on

  6. Oh god, i am not even sure if its real, is it a fake, am i being trolled or

    I mean the lyrebird is quite amazing at copying pretty much everything, but


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