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My secrets are shedding an opening through my heart
And also my bones catch a fever
When it cuts you up this deep
It's difficult to find a means to take a breath

Your eyes are swallowing me
Mirrors start to murmur
Darkness begin to sing
My skin's surrounding me
Help me find a method to breathe

Time stood still
The means it did previously
It resembles I'm sleepwalking
Fell into an additional opening once more
It's like I'm sleepwalking

I'm at the side of the globe
Where do I go from here?
Do I vanish?
Edge of the world
Should I sink or swim?
Or merely vanish?

Your eyes are ingesting me
Mirrors begin to whisper
Darkness begin to sing
My skin's surrounding me
Aid me discover a method to take a breath

Sing it!

Time stalled
The way it did before
It's like I'm sleepwalking
Fell into an additional hole again
It resembles I'm sleepwalking

Wake up!
Take my hand and
Provide me a reason to begin once again
Get up!
Pull me out and also
Offer me a need to start once again

Time stands still
( Time stalls).
Time stands still.
( Time stands still).

Your eyes are ingesting me.
Mirrors start to murmur.
Shadows begin to sing.
My skin's surrounding me.
Assist me find a way to breathe.

Time stalled.
The way it did in the past.
It's like I'm sleepwalking.
Fell into an additional opening once again.
It's like I'm sleepwalking.
( It's like I'm sleepwalking).
( It's like I'm sleepwalking).
( It's like I'm sleepwalking).

Time stood still.
The means it did before.
It's like I'm sleepwalking.


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    watch the new video for ‘Falling Down’ at – let us
    know what you think!

  2. Are both these guys in Bring Me The Horizon??? Listened to a lot of their
    stuff but never heard vocals quite like this, and I now need much more!

    • Dash Palad do u even know what ur talking about. I never said anything
      about the melody. I said their using a program to make their voices sound
      different. it’s pretty easy to hear that there’s a fair bit of autotune in
      the song. Autotune and a melody are 2 different things buddy


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