Gorillas Pranking People: AMUSING video clip.
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Gorillas Pranking Humans: HILARIOUS video.
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48 replies on “GORILLAS PRANKING HUMANS (HD) [Funny Pets]

    • Princess Corvus

      well, people laugh out of affection as well. Don’t interprete everything negatively please. Don’t you laugh when you see something cute? Out of happiness! That’s not making fun of someone. And if they want to show other people “look how cute the gorilla is!” of course they point at it.
      Don’t judge too quickly.
      I dislike that humans don’t take their responsibility about their environment also, but there are many people out there helping animals and the environment.

    • Die Elish wolf

      Frieze would you rather be safe or be killed becuase most animals in zoos are there so that poachers cant get them

    • Die Elish wolf

      Spikeyreeree most animals are put into zoos so that poachers cant kill them thats why i think the white rhino is now almost exticted from poachers

    • Spikeyreeree

      Die Elish wolf If that were the case humans couldn’t PAY to see them, pay, pay pay because money is everything, oh well

  • Walrus The Tree

    That guy sitting there showing his memes to that one gorilla was just the best thing I’ve seen all week, maybe even all year. I feel like if there was any species on this planet we would be capable of communicating with in the distant future, gorillas would be high on that list. I wouldn’t really want that, though. We can barely treat each other like real people when any of us look just a little bit off from our expectations (race, transgender, disability, etc), so the “ascension” of actual primates would most likely result in nothing but condescension.

    • yugao12

      @Zooboo McHeingher… okay, you realize that:

      1. Noam Chomsky defines “language” in a specific way, mostly reflective of his training in linguistics. However, linguistics is being challenged in many ways, not only by past writing systems but modern ones, too. The use of pictures, such as emojis or memes, to communicate broad ideas is becoming more and more common. This form of communication is not categorized as “language,” but serves much the same purpose. They are symbols that demonstrate (but do not directly depict) an idea and give context to related text. As such, the very definition of “language” has come under debate in recent years. Chomsky’s writing is older and would not reflect this shift in definitions. Broad statements about the language skills of primates should be put into a cultural context.

      2. Chomsky DOES have an agenda. Specifically, a biomedical one, based on old assumptions about brain structure and anatomy (as a specialist in biomedicine). And, while it is true that other apes (NOT monkeys, fyi) have different brain structures and vocal chords, this does not mean they are incapable of language. Recent science has revealed that we know a lot less about both the brain and non-human primates than we like to think we do. The more we learn, the more we recognize communication systems in other primates. We have even discovered that both cultural practices and simple language systems (that even have GRAMMAR) can be found in some MONKEYS, nevermind in the more closely-related apes. Biomedicine has greatly been influenced by Western and Christian (non-scientific) beliefs about humans; this should be considered when discussing such “scientific” and “objective” claims about the language skills in other animals.

      So, in conclusion, a lot is under debate right now. “Objective” beliefs are being challenged. Just like when we thought the world was flat, humans are discovering that we don’t know everything, that we aren’t always right. It is foolish to make definitive claims about things we really don’t know about, especially when such claims impact our views of the world as a whole and how it works. It is comforting to think we know best, that we got it figured out. It is nice to believe our “superiority” over other animals keeps us safe and makes us special. But, every life is connected. Using claims like this to separate ourselves from “Nature,” denying our impact on the world and its impact on us, progresses nothing. Even if, in the end, we define language in a way that refers to only human communication, we need to consider the impacts of statements such as yours.

    • Śūnyatā

      You’re communicating your deep thoughts with us through an incredible complex language, sitting on a chair, with your fingers. And you don’t even seem to realize how much your brain is powerful. Thanks to condescension.

      Humans are nothing but a way for the planet to express itself as a conscious being.
      We are nature. We’re just spoiled amnesic narcissic children who stared at the mirror for too long, thinking the mind is in the body, when the body is actually in the mind, just like your whole known universe that composes your “believed” reality.
      Please don’t hate on humanity to feel connected with nature, dividing souls is doing more bad than good.

      Accept the fact that you were born and thought in a society where no one knows what life means. Accept the fact that you played along this non-sense game life to fit in and survive just like any intelligent being would do. Accept the fact that inaction is a choice, accept the fact that it is the smartest move for survival, accept the fact that you’re not really okay with that because you know we all die someday. Accept that life is valuable because of death and evolving because of time and that *you* are the witness, through eternal present time, of your own choices. Always. That’s always nature speaking to or through me, the only thing I’m good at is having an opinion on it, deciding if it’s right or wrong. And that’s human.

    • meatrocket8

      gorillas are already able to communicate with us and they are looked down upon in modern society, that’s why they have the “black lives matter” campaign

    • EB-AX2 Graze Ein

      Normally, I’d make an argument disproving your entire statement completely, but I think this time I’ll sit back and let you be the idiot you are.

    • TakeTheL

      I agree it’s not right to use them for human amusement but without some species in captivity repopulating, some species of animals would be dead because of how sadistic are society is. Some species are critcally endangered and without some of them being in captivity, they would soon become extinct because of all the poachers out there.

  • Dragomir Wojnicki

    Look at 0:34! Mother gorillas drag their babies as a method of carrying! And people thought Harambe was being aggressive!


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